Come check out our new location!

3350 Ulmerton rd #10, Clearwater, FL 33762
Its just one street light east from our old location.
We are in the MARWOOD CENTER.
Clients coming from the west may avoid Ulmerton rd,by coming up 118th to 34th st
There is a Rally Gas Station on one side of 34th street,we are on the other,towards the back. It's nice and quiet and no longer on a busy road.

Steppin Out Grooming Salon

Steppin Out Grooming Salon

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Looking for a good Pet Groomer In Clearwater?

Regular grooming can help prevent shedding issues, skin problems, painful mats and periodontal disease, as well as help you to catch other problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.
We  use natural shampoo products ,occasionally use a little dove to soften fur on dogs with no skin conditions, & do not use harnesses.  This is a low stress and happy environment for your cat or dog. We never have more than 8- 10 dogs in a day. Pets of every size, most breeds, and coat type need to be groomed regularly so call us today!
We are servicing in Clearwater, Feather Sound, Carrillon, and also our friends to the west..
Steppin Out Grooming Salon can help if you need a full body grooming or just a touch-up.  We offer:
A wide variety of grooming services and packages to fit every pet's needs.
Safety standards that are set as our number one priority.
We love our animals and give loving and caring service.
Teeth Cleaning ,trimming up the face,or just nail sanding..

Why Pay Big Mart Prices?

Call us for a quote on your breed.

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